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Many routers are available in the store and you may get puzzled when you want to buy a router. Those routers are available in the online store of different prices. You need to think about the area and how many devices are going to connect with the Wi-Fi. Then you should read the review of the device for choosing the device. When you choose the device, then you have to think of the routers configuration and then you should think of the internal settings. For internal settings, you should read the router manual which comes with the device in the device box.
From the different brands of the networking and routers, you can buy any one and this is why, you have to think some issues like demand of the internet, your area size and number of devices. You have to think that how many devices you need to use in the Wi-Fi network. TP-Link is a popular brand and various products are available from this brand but its networking devices are highly popular. Mainly IP address is used in some models of TP-Link routers. This is the default IP address which is setup by manufacture. With the IP address, users need to use default username and password.
A browser is highly required for accessing the router control. This is why, the user has to use any browser. Otherwise, the user cannot use the IP address for login to the router. Some routers come with the application which works for login to the router. For this application, the users do not need to type the IP address and user can use any username and password for login to the device. However, usually for the home routers, users have to use a browser for accessing the control panel of the device.
Wi-Fi security is very important and many new users of the networking devices do not pay attention on this matter. Through the Wi-Fi, it is very easy to access your computer. This is why, you should enable all of the features of the router. Most of the features can be avail from the router control panel. But some routers give users multiple option for Wi-Fi security and some remains outside of the device. For securing the router, users do not need to change the default IP address Changing the default username and password are enough for securing the router.
Many people do not know why and when the default IP address can be changed. Users should think about the IP address confliction error. This error occurs from the IP address. When the same IP address is set in your router and other networking devices in the same network, then the IP address confliction problem occurs. By changing the IP address from those devices and setup a new IP address, this problem can be solved. There is no any other way to solve this problem. Users have to maintain some rules for set a new IP address and change the default IP address.
Now think of the IP address formation. You have to think of the IP address formation and those methods which can be the reason of forming the IP address. The default IP address starts with the 192.168 parts and this portion denote the IP address from Class C. If you want to change the IP address, then you have to maintain this portion and you cannot change this IP address parts. If you want to change the IP address, then you can put any number in the last two portions. You can use any number from the number range from 0 to 255. The IP address range start from the to Now use a IP address from the range. Do not try to use any IP address out of this IP address range. If you try to do so, the router will give user warning message.
In a correct IP address, the user does not use anything else except the number and 3 dots only but it is found that many users by mistake use letter or word in the IP address. Some users give space and symbol in the IP address and made the IP address false. If the user use more or less dot in the IP address, then the IP address will be useless. When the user wants to change the IP address, then they should notice all of those things. To make sure that the IP address is forming properly. Otherwise, users will face various problem.
The IP address may be blocked by the browser or other application. You have to find out the reason of blocking the IP address 192.1680.254. The firewall may block the IP address and you can unblock the IP address from the computer firewall. However, if you do not use updated antivirus, then you should use updated antivirus. So, virus cannot block the IP address. If the IP address makes problem from the network, then you have to use this IP address in the network center from the control panel. Now try the IP address to use.
The IP address is necessary for checking the connectivity with the router and computer. This is possible through the ping command and you have to use IP address with the ping command. The command may be written as “ping” or “ping -t”. From those two ping commands, users can use any command which suites the user. This is followed by the demand and users can use any one when it is necessary. On the command prompt page, users have to type the command on the command prompt page.
Router can be reset by pressing the router reset button from the router. If the device is reset, then you need to use default IP address, username and password for login to the device. The manual information does not have use and you cannot login to the router by the manual information. You have to use default things. Before reset the router, you should read the router manual for getting proper instruction for the reset the router. This is not very difficult thing and you will the service of the router if you follow instruction properly.
This is why, users are recommended to read the router manual and other related information. This article is sufficient for all of the users who want to maintain their router by themselves. If the user read this article and read the router manual, then users do not need to visit any other websites but YouTube.com is different sites where you will get video instruction.